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As a designer and a front end developer, I often serve as the main conduit between both disciplines. I take the time to craft pratical, engaging, and effective UI/UX. I begin with intuitive concepts that are informed by user psychology, and then deliver on pixel-perfect implementation.

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My Approach


If you are just starting down the road on your new project, but are unsure of what specifics you should be thinking through, I have a project questionnaire that will get you on the right track.
It's always best to schedule a meeting with all of the project owners up front to discuss what specific business needs the new project will address. Typically, many good ideas come from workshops, so capturing everything in detail is especially critical.
Contextual Interviews
Getting on-the-ground feedback for a proposed solution is always appropriate. Your end users (whether internal or external) have great insights on how they would like to interact with your business, so these interviews are perfect for solution refinement.


Information Architecture

This is where we begin to solidify the sitemap and prioritize the data interactions across each page. The most important user interactions are placed above the fold. Sometimes these data interactions should be repeated across all of the pages to become global interactions.

Low Fidelity Mockups

At this stage, each page is laid out in content blocks and basic interactions. Usually not pretty, but the importance of this step is in locking down a fantastic user experience and defining a friction-free flow through the application.

High Fidelity Mockups

Here is where we finally begin to see how the application will look and feel. If you already have a defined style guide, it will be fully incorporated at this point. If not, we can create one together.


Source Control

Maintaining a clean and functional codebase is critical during development. By using source control and keeping the working code in a repository, the risk of regression defects and/or code loss is greatly mitigated.

Continuous Deployment

While not ubiquitous across all of software development, this deployment strategy ensures that all code that exists in the deployment branch of the repository has passed all automated tests and is ready to be deployed at any time. If your company employs this strategy, I can seamlessly integrate my efforts.

User Acceptance Testing

At this stage in the software development lifecycle, we begin to work through the application and complete tasks as typical users would. Properly conducted UAT should yield project refinements that we address here.



It's my belief that all great software should come with thorough and complete documentation that covers all aspects of using and mantaining it.


In some cases, training users on how to get the most out of the software is entirely appropriate, especially in cases of more robust solutions. Whether it's a screencast or classroom-based training, I can provide it.

Project Support

Perhaps you want to be sure that you have the talent to handle any issues that may arise through software maintenence and/or platform upgrades. I would be more than happy to continue to provide support where you need it.


I work with a wide array of technologies to create beautiful and interesting experiences. If your project uses any of the tech below, I'm happy to use my expertise to help you craft something interesting and beautiful too.

Languages, Extensions, & Environments




Platforms & Software


Recent Work

Client: Vision Benefits of America

Technology Stack: ASP.NET MVC 4, Angular, Bootstrap, Node & SASS

“Jim came to VBA and saved the day! He worked his magic to fix our new portal screens so that they render perfectly and are responsive from a full-size monitor to mobile. He was fun to work with, delivered high-quality work, met all deadlines and did exactly what he said he would do! I hope to have the pleasure to work with him again.”

-Jill Petroy, MSOL, PMP
IS Project Manager at Vision Benefits of America

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